Thursday, May 2, 2013

a little catching up to do

 updated family photos during thanksgiving. (my mom's family)

 Dallas went deer hunting (archery) for the
first time & got this guy. First one they saw
and first shot! We made a lot of jerky!

We hosted our first house party after living here
for a year. Happy New Year!

 Dolce held a staff appreciation ball. Our hubbies/boyfriends weren't super excited about attending so we  made it a girls night and had a blast. Who doesn't love a spray tan, false lashes and a reason to wear your jr year prom dress?!

 My parents, brother & his wife came to visit (dad's family) & I got to spend time with nephews <3 Cole, Gabe, & Royce!

I turned 24 and my little sister decided blonde and brown were too boring, the other learned how to photo bomb

mama bird decided I made this wreath for her so she built a nest and layed five eggs. They hatched and are now gone. We are officially empty nesters!
 Dallas got jumping cactus stuck to his hand and is currently still waiting for all of it to work it's way out!
 Nala had an afternoon (20 min) out on the town! She came back in need of a bath and she knew it!
we cannot get enough of this cutie!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am thankful

I am thankful all year round, but I know there is always room for more! I am thankful  that the election is over and now. when getting on facebook there are so many "thankful posts" I think it is so great that everyone is really thinking about what the Lord has blessed them with and even better that they are sharing with others! November is such a sweet month. 
I personally have numerous things to be thankful for and I could blog for the rest of the week listing them all but here are a few just for fun. 
I am so very thankful for my church, it's leaders, members, and the opportunities it allows for learning, growing and serving our brothers and sisters. I have been a member for three years, as of today :) My life hasn't been the same since and I couldn't be happier. The gospel and the spirit are so powerful, we are truly blessed. 
I am thankful for temples and the day that I was sealed to my best friend (who I am obviously thankful for,)  for time and all eternity. I am thankful for all of our family and friends. We truly have some of the most amazing family members and all of those people who aren't family but treat us as if we were:)  

I am thankful for our savior and all that he has done for us. He loves us and I am thankful that he lives. (also thankful that Dallas bought me this painting last Christmas)

I am thankful for the new little addition to our family. Nala is such a sweet puppy, (who is still very much in the puppy/training stages!) Having her has made us much more patient and more prepared for the day when we have babies!

I am thankful, this time of year, that I do not have to trudge through piles of snow and on the same token I am thankful that  I get to have a little taste of the freezing cold when we are able to visit family and friends in South Dakota and our friends in Utah. I am thankful that I grew up and have family in SD, it will always and forever hold a special place in my heart!

I am thankful that Dallas and I have jobs and that we are able to make a living. Dallas goes above and beyond, going to school, working, and taking care of us and our house. I love my job, being an esthetician at Dolce had been a wonderful experience and it's always fun making new friends.

Again, I could go on and on, but these are just a few! I hope every one has a wonderful Thanksgiving and will reflect on all their blessings!

Monday, August 27, 2012

the eighth month of the year

Even though this August is filled with well above 106 degree weather, a yard full of weeds, lots of work and school, dead deer, & things that can get stressful like budgeting to prepare for the holidays, this is and always will be one of my favorite months... let me tell you why...
three years ago this month, I met this dream boat! Although this photo does not portray it, I was alot more work than he was! Poor guy had to cook my friends dinner in order to get me to have dinner with him, had to take home $40 worth of sushi because I got sick on our actual first date, and had to wait a few weeks for a first kiss (he'll tell you it was much longer of a wait.)

A year later he drove me to Heber at 5am. One of the best mornings of my life! 

 Obviously, it's no suprise that the answer was yes!
Last year he drove me all around for hours and hours while we searched for our first home!
 Of course I also love September, I think that's when the temp starts to fall below 100? If not, than I also love October, and I have a whole slew of reasons to love the rest!
Side note, our nephew Cole started kindergarten today! What... I was a senior when he was born... where has the time gone!? At least I get to grow old with my best friend!